Our partners at CosyGallery

Here is a presentation of our main privileged partner EMDE, whose care and quality we particularly appreciate in its products... a workshop rich in human values, and keen to satisfy its customers...

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Personalized framing

EMDE, partner of CosyGallery, offers tailor-made frames, allowing customers to choose moldings, mats, and options for unique creations.

Expertise and advice

EMDE excels in tailor-made support, with a team trained to advise and guide clients every step of the way.

Decorative diversity

EMDE goes beyond framing, offering a wide range including photo frames, mirrors, decorative objects, canvases, lamps, and furniture, inspired by current trends.

Elegance & trend

Thanks to EMDE, CosyGallery offers harmonious creations, combining current, chic, charming and historical styles to complement any decorative space with finesse.

Our partner is committed

Environmental Commitment

We are committed to the environment and obtained Forest Sewardship Council® (FSC®) certification in 2014. The wood in certified products comes from forests that meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of current and future generations.

Ecological approach

Our ecological approach is also reflected in the sorting of our waste (glass, wood, cardboard and paper) within our production workshops. By adapting our production, we have reduced our packaging consumption by 50%, thus we participate on our scale in the preservation of our planet.

Circular economy

As part of the anti-waste law for the circular economy (AGEC law) for all companies subject to the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), since January 2022, we have joined Citeo and have a unique identifier FR236933_01KYJN for managing the recycling of our packaging and FR034905_05QSAB for managing the recycling of our Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Ecosystem).

CSR approach

We also take a social approach by hiring people in rehabilitation and people with disabilities in order to best help them with their professional integration. Likewise, we recruit young people for work-study programs and internships to allow them to discover the world of business.